Scientific Program

The technical program stimulates multidisciplinary R&D discussion for global networking and new partnership

Baltic Conference Series

28-31 August 2023, Stockholm, Sweden

The online sessions will be scheduled on the Central European Summer time (CEST, GMT+2), however, onsite sessions will run as per the local time. The delegates are requested to read the following information before going through the program of the conference.

  • The conference will be organized with Onsite and Online Hybrid Setups, during 28-31 August 2023.
  • The first day (28 August 2023, Monday) of the conference will start with the Online sessions.
  • The onsite sessions will be hosted at the conference centre of M/S Gabriella, Viking Line Cruise sailing from Stockholm (City of Nobel Prize, Sweden) to Helsinki (Capital city of Finland) and returning to Stockholm during 29-31 August 2023.
  • On the 2nd day (29 August 2023, Tuesday), the cruise check-in & boarding, registration, and sessions for onsite delegates in Stockholm will be hosted as per the local time at the conference centre, M/S Gabriella, Viking Line Cruse.
  • On the 3rd day (30 August 2023, Wednesday), the conference will run at the port of Helsinki, Finland as per local time.
  • On the 4th day (31 August 2023, Thursday), the onsite delegates will check out after having breakfast from the cruise to Stockholm at 10.00 CEST.
  • The social and team building activities will be offered on request in Helsinki (30 August) and Stockholm (31 August).
  • This is a tentative program, the topic can be exchanged between onsite and online, or omitted in the final program, based on the participation.

The preliminary program for the BCS

Day 1: 28 August 2023, Monday, Online Live (GMT+2)

Opening of the Conference (Online LIVE)

Session 01: Polymers

Session 02: Carbon Materials & Technology

Session 03: Energy & Healthcare Technology

Session 04: Drug Delivery & Formulation

Day 2: 29 August 2023, Tuesday Port of Stockholm (Sweden), CEST (GMT+2)

Registration, Check-in & Boarding (Onsite)

Session 05: Water Research & Technology

Lunch (Onsite)

Session 06: Carbon Materials & Technology (Onsite)

Session 07. Polysaccharide (Onsite)

Session 08. Chitosan (Onsite)

Session 09. Poster Session (Onsite)

Dinner (Onsite)

Cultural activities (Onsite)

Day 3: 30 August 2023, Wednesday Port of Helsinki (Finland), EEST (GMT+3)

Breakfast (Onsite)

Session 10: Polymer (Onsite)

Coffee Break

Session 11: Drug Delivery & Formulation (Onsite)

Lunch (Onsite)

Social Activity & Team Building (Onsite for only pre-registered delegates)

Session 12. Energy & Healthcare Technology (Onsite)

Session 13. Environment & Sustainability (Onsite)

Best Oral & Poster Presentations Awards and Closing Ceremony (Onsite)

Dinner (Onsite)

Cultural activities (Onsite)

Day 4: 31 August 2023, Thursday, Port of Stockholm (Sweden), CEST (GMT+2)

Breakfast (Onsite)

Session 14: Polymer (Online LIVE)

Disembarkation from Cruise (Onsite)

Social Activity & Team Building (Onsite for only pre-registered delegates)

Session 15: Energy & Healthcare Technology (Online LIVE)

Session 16: Epoxy & Resins Technology (Online LIVE)

Session 17: Plastics & Rubber Technology (Online LIVE)

Session 18: Pulp & Paper Technology (Online LIVE)

Session 19: Wood & Biomass Technology (Online LIVE)

Best Oral & Poster Presentations Awards and Closing Ceremony (Online LIVE)

Please Note:

The softcopy of the "Scientific Program" will be sent to the registered email id of all participants. The hardcopy of the program will be handed over to the delegates at the registration desk. Unregistered abstracts will not be included in the conference program. The organizer reserves the right to change, alter, or modify the program at any time without prior notice.

The event will be photographed and recorded for the association records and the contents, including internal and external communication of any kind, can be used for the purpose of “advancement of materials to global excellence”. All the talks and presentations made at the congress will be captured in the form of photos and films. If any delegate does not wish to be a part of the Congress’ image and video archives, he can inform the IAAM media staff during the Congress and the same shall be taken care of.